Game Options

Located on your devices Menu Button.

Exit to menu

Exit to the main menu.


Create a new save slot or save over an existing slot.


This screen covers a variety of settings that can be changed.



Displays the game in fullscreen mode. (Requires restart)

Scaling Factor

Makes the game view display everything larger.

  • Normal Size

  • 1.5x Size

  • Double Size

Optimized Drawing

Disable this if you see graphical artifacts. Enabling this option will make the game only redraw changed parts of the screen every frame.

Dialog Confirmation

Confirm Reset

Gives a question about whether you want to rest when entering a bed. Otherwise, you will always automatically rest.

Confirm Attack

Enables the 'Do you want to attack..?' dialog box when attacking a monster.

Display Monster Loot

Choose how you want to show the results of a fight to be shown (gold, experience, items).

  • Show loot dialog box

  • Show short notification

  • Do not display


Combat Speed

Determines how fast monsters attack.

  • Instant (no animations)

  • Fast

  • Normal

  • Slow


Movement Method

Type of movement method and handling of obstacles.

  • Straight (original)

  • Avoiding obstacles

Virtual D-pad

Enables a virtual on-screen directional pad to guide movement.

  • Disabled

  • lower right corner

  • Lower left corner

  • Center bottom

  • Center left

  • Center right

  • Upper left corner

  • Upper right corner

  • Center top

Minimizable D-pad

If the virtual d-pad is enabled, this setting allows the d-pad to be minimized by pressing its center.