Andor's Trail uses both PO files and the regular Android resource management in order to support different translations of the game contents. We gladly accept translations into other languages.

How to translate?

The resources in Andor's Trail are translated by PO files (GNU gettext). Translations are usually done by starting with the english POT file and translating selected strings into your own language. There are several tools available for translating PO files, in Andor's Trail we've selected Weblate to do this collaboratively online:
In addition to the PO files, Andor's Trail uses Android resource files for some of the user interface. The resource files that are relevant to translate are the following files:
  • /AndorsTrail/res/values/strings.xml
  • /AndorsTrail/res/values/strings_about.xml
Translate the English values in those files into your language. Please note that you do not have to translate the whole files if you don't have time or the energy, a partial translation is also welcome. Someone else might pick up the rest of the translation later.


Please feel free to post a question on the forum if there's something you need assistance with about your translation. Either post the translated files as an attachment to an issue on the issue tracker or email them to the team.