Ruled by Lord Geomyr.
The people of Feygard believe in a strong leader that tells them what to do. They prosper thanks to the firm hand of their leader. In some cases, their leader makes some hard choices that causes a lot of grief for a small amount of people, while giving a large benefit for the majority of the people.
They believe in following the law to the letter. They prefer things that are organized rather than haphazard. They are happy about getting strong protection from the guards of Feygard.
Some people employed by Feygard (guards, lawmen) may be corrupt, since they want to take part of the wealth of Feygard for themselves.
The leaders of Feygard generally gives the best support to the people that live in or near Feygard itself, but neglect the people living in villages farther away from the city. Some settlements far away support Feygard by paying taxes (gold, food, livestock, equipment), but do not get as much in return compared to what they pay.
If there is a disagreement between two people from Feygard, they both want the guards to sort it out. This can of course mean that a wealthy family might have support from the guards in other ways.

Nor City

No clear ruler or leader. Most major decisions come from the priests of the Shadow.
Most people in Nor City believe in the Shadow. Their faith gives them peace of mind, and gives them a feeling of being able to accomplish anything.
The priests of Nor City have been secretly experimenting with necromancy. The people that have found out about this do not disagree with it, other than the fact that it smells bad. It might provide them with a way to meet old relatives or a way to extend their life.
The people believe in having their own freedom to do whatever they want to, and not have someone dictate what they can and cannot do. Most people do what they consider to be their correct choice of action, even if this goes against whatever “rules” there may be.
This does not imply that they are immoral towards each other, since most people hold moral choices very high.
Old customs and their heritage are important to the people of Nor City. Some actions are based on what the people have done for generations. Some of these things have been prohibited by Feygard, but the people of Nor City do not care about them being prohibited. (bonemeal, rituals, things that would be considered “immoral” IRL).
The people trust each other.
If there is a disagreement between two people from Nor City, they resolve it themselves. Either with support from their families, or by themselves right there and then.

Blackwater Mountain/Prim


The starting village. Andor and family live here.


The starting area's large town.