This area aims to provide key background information for the various areas and development in the world of Andor's Trail.


The game should provide as much choice as possible to give every player and every game a unique experience. This includes ways to solve quests, character development and also character customizations.
The player’s actions will have consequences. It should not be possible to undo the choices made. This applies not only to quest choices but also to the player development of stats.
The player should not be able to do everything - the choice in a previous quest should affect the availability of later choices.


“What makes people do the things they do?”
In real life, the things that happen around the world that we object to, the things we see on the news and the things people do - what is going through the minds of the people that do these things? What motivates people to do these things?
Is it because they are convinced that their action is for a higher cause? Are they motivated by their own greed? Do they genuinely want to build a better world? My view is that people do things because they think it is the right thing to do, given their circumstances. Other people may view an action in the reverse light, as something that is the total opposite of the right thing to do. Given the circumstances of the person performing the act however, it still seems like the right thing to do - in their mind.
Andor’s Trail tries to give a view of actions that the player would object to, but given the circumstances of the game might be something the player would agree to do.
We want to make the player really think about the choices that they make. We want the player to justify their actions and their beliefs. The game is a role-playing game. This means that the focus is on developing the character that the player wants to have.


The world of Andor’s Trail is a rough place. Prefer blood, dirt, skulls and darkness over rainbow colored unicorns with flowers.
The world should be believable. Maps should look natural.


The game setting is medieval fantasy. This means swords, shields, armors and jewelry. The world has knowledge of iron, steel and stronger metals, but does not have modern concepts such as steam engines, automatons, electricity or plastic. Potion-making is common in the world.
All NPC's should trust people from their own village more than people from other villages.
There should be some general distrust of people from other villages, unless they are close by. The further apart, the more distrust.
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