Side Quests
These are will discuss quests that are not tied into the main story line.

Completed Quests

Crossglen Area Quests

Breakfast Bread

This Quest is started by Makhail in Crossglen Village.


This Quest is started by Makhail in Crossglen Village.

Missing Husband

This Quest is started by Leta in Crossglen Village. Oromir is located in the southeast section of the village.

Rat Infestation

This Quest is started by Odair in Crossglen Village. Odair is in the Northeast section of the village.

Disallowed Substance

This quest is started by Leonid in Crossglen's Town Hall. After you start the quest you will need to speak with Thral who is also in the Town Hall. Bring Thral 5 insect Wings to get him to talk about the banned Bonemeal Potions. After this head east to Fallhaven and speak with Thoronir in the church and he will ask you to bring him 5 bones, bones can be found in the abandoned house to the north, In Flagstone Prison, and many more locations.

Fallen Friends

This Quest is started by Jan located just east of Crossglen and west of Fallhaven.

Ancient Secrets

This quest is started by the Guard outside of Flagstone Prison, explore all of the prison until you reach a dead end near a tunnel that you can't enter. Go back to visit the Guard and he will send you inside to find the warden's necklace, the necklace is upstairs on the 2nd floor. take the necklace back to the guard to get the words to approach the demon in the tunnel. Take him out (for an awesome weapon) and continue deeper into the tunnel.

Fallhaven Area Quests

Key Of Luthor

The Quest is started by Bucus in Fallhaven(Thieves Guild), he will ask you to get the Key of Luthor from the Catacombs beneath Fallhaven Church. The Catacombs are closed off to the public, speak with Athamyr who is just south of the church in a house and he will give you permission to enter the Catacombs but only after having you bring him Cooked meat.

Drunken Tale

This quest is started by “the drunk outside Fallhaven Tavern”. Bring him some mead.

Calomyran Secrets

This Quest is started by The old man in Fallhaven, he speaks of a lost book called 'Calomyran Secrets'. Search the house directly south of the old man to find the book. You will have to fight someone in the barn (to the east) for the book.

Missing Pieces

This Quest is started in Southwest Fallhaven, Unzel wants you to find 4 bandits and take back the spell pieces for him. After you do Vacor asks you to go kill Unzel and bring back his ring as proof. Now you have to make a choice- Vacor's side or Unzel's side.

Night Visit

This Quest is started by Farrik in the Fallhaven Thieves Guild, he would like you to help him free one of his fellow thief’s from the Fallhaven Prison (east of the theives guild). Farrik wants you to get the guard to drink a special “sleepytime” mead that the chief in the guild has prepared for you. Get the Guard to drink the Mead by any means possible (bribe him!)

Vileguard Area Quests

Trusting an Outsider

This Quest is started in the city of Vileguard, the members of this city will not buy or sell anything until this quest is completed first. Help Kaori, Wrye, and Jolnor in the city to get them to trust you.

Kaori's Errands

This Quest is started in Vileguard by Kaori and is fairly simple, bring Kaori 10 Bonemeal potions to help her out (See Disallowed substance quest for info on where to find Bonemeal Potions)

Uncertain Cause

This Quest is started by Jolnor in Vileguard, he wants you to speak with Wrye in Northern Vileguard. Wrye's son is lost and she wants you to go find him, she will tell you to go check the out the Foaming Flask (up north) for clues. You will hear rumors of a boy who wondered west from the tavern. You will find a man in a camp to the northwest who will tell you the story what happened to Rincel. What you choose to believe is your choice.

Spies in the Foam

This quest is started by Jolnor in Vileguard, he asks you to make the guard outside the Foaming Flask (up north) disappear by any way you see fit. How you do this is your choice.

Loneford and Guardhouse Area Quests

Deep Wound

This Quest is started by Erinith who is northeast from Crossglen Village. First Erinith will ask you to locate a missing book for you, head north from him then east and follow the trail blocked by caterpillars and into the cave. After returning the book he will need healing for his wounds, you can give him any of the following:
  1. 1.
    one potion of major health
  2. 2.
    4 regular potions of health
  3. 3.
    A bonemeal potion (shhhhh don’t tell Lord Geomyr)

Devastated Land

This Quest is started by Hadarcor in the woodcutters settlement (just west of the Crossroad Guardhouse). This quest is very easy, kill the Giant wasps and collect 5 Giant wasp wings and bring them to him (There are 6 total).

Lost Sheep

This quest is started by Tinlyn in the middle of the big grass field (north of Crossglen). This quest is very simple, Find all the sheep and attach bells to them. (IF YOU HAVE STARTED/FINISHED CHEAP CUTS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS QUEST).

Cheap Cuts

This Quest is started by Benbyr outside the crossroads guardhouse, he will ask you to kill all of Tinlyn's sheep and bring you back their meats as proof (IF YOU START THIS QUEST YOU CANNOT FINISH LOST SHEEP QUEST).

The Path is Clear to Me

This Quest is started by Minarra in the tower of the Guards Crossroads, she wants you to hunt down (and kill) a band of Rogues who stole a painting. The Band of Rogues are located directly to the west just past the troll on the bridge, When you talk to the Rogues they will tell you their side of the story. What you decide to do is your choice.

Feyguard Errands

This Quest is started by Gandoren in the Crossroads guardhouse, he wants you to take 10 swords to the Foaming Flask just north of Vileguard, and tells you not to tell Ailshara about your task. Now comes some choices: You can deliver the swords to the foaming flask OOOOORRRRRRRRRRR Go to Vileguard give the swords to them and they will give you 10 low quality swords to give to the Foaming Flask Leader instead. THE CHOICE IS YOURS

Flows Through the Veins

This Quest can be started in many places, To complete this quest you will need to speak with almost everyone in Crossroads and Loneford (even the farmer in the field). Here are their Leads: Crossroads Guards: Thinks it was caused by sabotage by the priests of shadow Villagers in Loneford: Think its the guards trying to make them suffer Talion(Lonefords priest): Thinks its from Lonefords lack of devotion to the shadow Taevinn(in Loneford): Thinks its caused by Sienn's pet The Farmer(in the field just west of Loneford: Tells you that Landa saw something he was scared to share Landa: Will tell u the story of a small boy who was near the well the night before the sickness started, he also mentions that Buceth has something to do with it. Go to the Church in Loneford and talk to Buceth Convince Buceth to tell you the truth and decide what you want to do from there (choices choices) If you kill him take the vial to the guard in Lonefords longhouse and you are now done!

Prim and Blackwater Area Quests

Well Rested

To start this quest speak with the cook in Primm's Inn, ask the cook if there is a room available to rent. He will tell you there is but it is already rented out to Arghest and that you should go speak with him about using it. Head west from Primm to the mine where you will find Arghest, he will ask you for 5 milks in exchange for use of the back room (milks are located ______). Trade the milks to Arghest and talk to the cook again and the bed is yours to use!

Awoken From Slumber

This Quest is started in Primm by Bjorgur and Fulus. Bjorur: thinks his family Tomb has been disturbed and wants you to check it out. Fulus: Wants you to go get the Dagger from Bjorur's family tomb. To find the tomb: Head west from Primm and go in the Tomb (south of the mine entrance). There will be a grave robber, kill him to get the dagger. Now you must make a choice: Help Bjorur and return the dagger or Help Fulus and Bring it to him.

The Agent and the Beast

This quest is started by a man you will run into on your way up Blackwater Mountain, he tells you of the Black Water Mountain Settlement and that is has come under attack from monsters. Keep going up the mountain and find Harleen and he will ask you to talk to Guthbered in Primm and deliver a message for him. Go to Primm and speak with Guthbered and then go back to BWMS. Haleen will send you back down to find evidence in Primm (located in the kings Room in Primm) and then go back to BWMS to show Haleen your proof. He will send you back down to kill Guthbered Now you make a choice… You are going to have to pick a side. BWMS or Primm. It's your choice.

Clouded Intent

First speak with Guthbered in Primm, he will send you to BWMS to talk to Haleen about the monster attacks on Primm. After talking to Haleen head back down to Primm and Guthbered will tell you to go back to Haleen again to kill him. Now you make a choice.. You are going to have to pick a side. BWMS or Primm. It's your choice.

Lights in the Dark

This quest is started by Throdna deep within the Blackwater Mountain settlement. He will ask you to recover 2 parts of the chant and 3 parts of ritual itself for the Kazul Ritual. Most of the pieces are on the trail you will see them along the way up/down the mountain. Wander on and off the beaten path to find the rituals and chants. (need more help finding one?) The 2 hardest ones to find are:
  1. 1.
    Near the cabin halfway to BWMS
  2. 2.
    just east of the first cave you enter after leaving from Primm (it's on the ledge to the right of the cave entrance)
After finding all the parts Throdna will give you a vial of purifying spirit to spread on the Kazul shrine. (the shrine is just east of Primm and then to the south)

No Weakness

This quest is started by Herec in the Blackwater Mountain Settlement. He would like you to bring him 5 White Wyrm Claws (they are dropped by White Wyms).

Remgard and Eastern Loneford Area Quests

Bits and Pieces

In another cave far to the South East of the Iqhan Cave, you will meet a man named Thorin.

Of Mice and Men

Algangror's Cabin is North East of Remgard, she has a… “rodent problem”.

An Involuntary Carrier

Between Loneford & Brimhaven, you'll find a dried up lake-bed with a major cavern below…

The Dark Protector

(see - Involuntary Carrier)

I have it in Me

(see - Involuntary Carrier)

A Difference in Opinion

Inside the entrance to Remgard, a man in blue tells you about two fighting sisters…

Everything in Order

The bridge to Remgard is blocked…

What is that Stench?


The Five Idols

Algangror needs more help, this time…

Old Friends?

Upstairs at the Remgard Inn, you meet a man named Kaverin…
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