All texts are written in American English.
The words “good” and “evil” should be discouraged as much as possible, unless in extreme cases where it is made very clear that it refers to a subjective feeling.
Do not use wording of “god”, as in “oh my god”. There are no gods in the world of Andor’s Trail. See section on “The Shadow” below.
Challenge things that are considered “wrong” from IRL into being somewhat accepted in the world of Andor’s Trail. Give the player dialogue options to challenge the perception of what is morally accepted and not.
For example, a group of NPC's may persuade the player to do things that would be morally unacceptable IRL, or give the option for the player to refuse and challenge those NPC's. Later on, the game should ask the player for the reasoning behind those choices, so that the player needs to think about why those choices were the correct ones.
Also, things that are considered morally correct IRL should be questioned in the game. Prefer quests where the player must justify their actions towards other NPC's.


Quest logs should be written in the first tense.
Correct: “I met an old man that [something]”
Incorrect: “The player met an old man that [something]”
The quests and story-line should aim to be as nonlinear as possible, meaning that the player should be able to travel to parts of the world and do quests there before doing other quests in the starting villages. Some parts of the main story-line will be linear, but most parts should aim to be as nonlinear as possible.
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