NPC's and their creation
This section will list all NPC's and game characters and guidelines on their creation.

Character Personalities

All characters base their actions on reasoning or a strong belief that what they are doing is the right thing to do.
Characters are not “good” or “evil”. They do what they see is their best course of action based on their past experiences. Some NPCs may be generous towards the player because they think that being generous might provide them with some benefit in the future. Some NPCs may be bitter because of past events they have had with other people or the player.


Prefer to have many different dialogue options for the player to choose from, with different personalities of the player - even if some of the options lead to the same result. It gives the player a way of expressing their own personality more, and gives depth for the player.

NPC's involved in quests

List of Crossglen area NPC's

  • Andor
  • Mikhail
  • Leta
  • Oromir
  • Odair
  • Leonid
  • Thral
  • Thoronir
  • Jan
  • Flagstone Prison Guard

List of Fallhaven area NPC's

  • Bucus
  • Athamir
  • Fallhaven Tavern Drunk
  • Fallhaven Old Man
  • Unzel
  • Vacor
  • Farrik
  • Fallhaven Prison Thief
  • Fallhaven Prison Guard

List of Vilegard area NPC's

  • Kaori
  • Wrye
  • Jolnor
  • Rincel
  • Foaming Flask Outside Guard

List of Loneford and Guardhouse area NPC's

  • Erinith
  • Hadacor
  • Tinlyn
  • Benbyr
  • Minarra
  • Band of Rogues
  • Gandoren
  • Ailshara
  • Crossroads Guards
  • Villagers in Loneford
  • Talion (Lonefords Priest)
  • Taevinn
  • Sienn's pet
  • The Farmer
  • Landa
  • Buceth
  • Lonefords Longhouse Guard

List of Prim and Blackwater area NPC's

  • Prim's Inn Cook
  • Arghest
  • Bjorgur
  • Fulus
  • Bjorur's Family Tomb Grave Robber
  • Blackwater Mountain Man
  • Harleen
  • Guthbered
  • Haleen
  • Throdna
  • Herec

List of Remgard and Eastern Loneford NPC's

  • Thorin
  • Algangror
  • Kaverin

Additional NPC's