Below you will find a list of resources that will help provide a brief introduction to concepts in the world of Andor's Trail.

The Shadow

The Shadow is not a god or a being, but rather more of a concept such as actual shadows cast by light. Some people in the world of Andor’s Trail view the Shadow as their savior from bad things that happen.
It should be left unclear whether there actually is any divine presence that helps people that believe in the Shadow, or whether their luck comes from their own choices.
The priests of the Shadow are fascinated by necromancy, undead and bringing life to things that have been dead or lost. (Meeting dead relatives? / eternal life? / building armies against Feygard?)

Kazaul & Elythara

Kazaul and Elythara were deities that people used to believe in before. Nowadays, the people put their trust in the rulers of Feygard or in the Shadow. The concept of the Shadow was based on the former worshippers of Kazaul, but the people that follow the Shadow do not approve of Kazaul.
Some people still worship the old gods, and their altars can be found throughout the land. There has been rumors of cults following the old gods

Feygard vs Nor City

The leaders of Feygard have a strong dislike for the mindset of the people of Nor City, in that they do not follow the law in the same way that people from Feygard do. The leaders of Feygard have come up with a (secret) plan to overturn the priests of Nor City, and to gain the trust from the people of Nor City. This plan involves stronger prohibitions, imprisonment and invasion by brute force.
The people of Nor City have a strong dislike for the leadership of Feygard, in that they are not allowed to do what they want. Some people in Nor City have come up with a (secret) plan to overturn the leaders of Feygard. This plan involves sabotage, sacrifice and invasion by necromancy.